NFT Nerds vs. SnipeSea

NFT Nerds is a great but expensive NFT Sniping Tool. Experts are switching to SnipeSea: The most ruthlessly effective NFT Toolkit that not only has more and better features than the competition, but also a Lifetime Access NFT pass for just 0.3 ETH.

NFT Nerds vs SnipeSea NFT comparison

SnipeSea is minting march 2022!

If you’re interested in getting your hands on a SnipeSea Lifetime access pass NFT, join our Discord to stay up-to-date on relevant info.


NFT Nerds is a great tool. However, NFT Nerds is missing some crucial features, as shown on the table above.

The SnipeSea Lifetime Access NFTs are for early supporters who want to help jumpstart this platform with funding it needs to continue developing great tools for members to use. Think of the NFT sale as a kickstarter campaign for the platform. And the Lifetime Access NFTs have value to help reward all our early supporters.

Each SnipeSea Lifetime Access NFT will cost around 0.3 ETH (+ gas).

Building a software like SnipeSea requires a lot of time and money. We invest not only in the development of the product but also in marketing, community management, hiring, project management, etc. Maintaining such software requires even more resources. A significant portion of the funds generated will be re-invested into the software by hiring talent, adding features, etc.

A portion of the funds generated will also be invested in the VC DAO. In simple terms, every SnipeSea Pass holder will have a right to vote where this money is invested, like venture capital managed by the community.

A small percentage will be paid out to the team, advisors, investors and founders.

There will be 999 SnipeSea Lifetime Access NFTs. There will never be more.

The minting date is March 2022 (TBA). Join our Discord and follow our Twitter to stay informed.

No, you will need to be a holder of an SnipeSea NFT to access our tools. Verification via Metamask.

The SnipeSea Lifetime Access NFT will be on the Ethereum Blockchain. The platform currently only supports Ethereum wallets and NFTs, however we may add other blockchains in the future.

Yes, our extension is safe to use. Our chrome extension (or any other website) can never directly extract money from your wallet without your interaction. Further, our extension never executes any remote code, so there's no attack vector for outside parties to inject anything malicious.

You also have an option of playing it safe by using the Snipe Sea extension in a completely isolated Chrome profile which doesn't have MetaMask installed.

Beta Web app coming soon

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SnipeSea NFT All Features Table